Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hmm Long time? : ))

Well I know it has been a while, but with four kids and being new to blogging I don't always remember : (
So whats been going on?  Well I have had a fussy baby the past few weeks I am still not sure what is going on maybe Colic?  Some days shes great and some days she is just plain cranky!  Hopefully things turn around for the better soon, seriously lacking sleep LOL

On another note!!  I signed up for The Sparkle Mama's Get Your Sparkle Back Weight Loss Challenge for the month of June!  Maybe take a look and if your interested why not sign up!! Its a great opportunity to lose weight and win some Fluff!!  And everyone loves fluff right? All you have to do to enter is order or send The sparkle Mama any one size cloth diaper and its like a pool!  (and there was some great dipes last month)  Whoever loses the highest % of there body wait will win and there is 3 winners (1st 2nd and 3rd)  And don`t worry your weight and name will not be posted for everyone to see : )  everyone entered is assigned a number!

I was interested in this last month but I just missed it, and their has been many success stories from last months challenge,  so why not give it a try?  I am hoping that everyday I can at least commit 10 minutes to update on my blog of my  Get your sparkle back weight loss challenge : )  Today was day 1 and it was easy!!!  I imagine it will get harder though lol

Hope to have convinced a few others to join in this challenge, you know you wanna win some Fluff!!!


  1. Hmmm....Hi Susan. Just wondering what happened to a post of yours.

  2. Hi I am so sorry :( I am so new to this lol
    I was editing it and I guess it went as a draft and didn't stay posted I was so scared when I didn't see it there lol
    It is back and all comments still on it whew : ))

  3. And thanks for letting me know!!

  4. Susan, I thought you had deleted the giveaway and I deleted my blog post. I posted another one for this giveaway: