Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day What? Ummm I think 5 lol

Well it sure has not been easy!   I am trying very hard as well lol
So my daughter makes peanut butter and banana on toast....yum......and I did it I said no thanks honey : )
I am planning on starting my walking routine tomorrow!  As long as it is not as hot as it was today....sheesh!!! It was in the 80's and very humid.  I love summer really I do but why is it in the winter we complain why can't it be summer?  Then summer comes and were like does it really have to be this hot?? LOL I am sure I am not the only one that has done this.....every single year LOL.

So now I have a thing about cloth diapering and the summer!  The minky diaper my little one had on today seems as if shes really hot in it?  I'm trying to figure out what is the best solution for using cloth diapers but her not sweating like crazy in them!  Maybe change the inserts?  I am so new to cloth diapering and this is my first summer doing it.  I just do not want my 3 month old over heating from them : (  Then I move on to my older daughter who will be two in July, potty training over the summer should be fun, though she likes to sit on the potty she finds it necessary to walk away and do her business on the floor? LOL So I think I am in for a LONG summer with two babies : )

If anyone has any suggestions : ) Don't hesitate to message me : ))

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