Thursday, June 23, 2011

500 fan Tester Giveaway!

Product Tester Giveaway rules

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  • You must like both the sponsor’s page as well as mine. The links will be both under the picture as well as on my blog.
  • You will need to fill out the Google doc to enter for each item.
  • You can enter for as many as you want, but please only one entry per item per household!
  • All winners will be chosen by and will be posted on a separate blog post!
  • All winners are responsible for contacting the sponsor to claim your prize, you will have 72 hours to claim or a new winner will be drawn.
  • PLEASE show respect to our sponsors and do not "un-like" them if you do not win : )   Also, it is not required to leave a comment on the sponsors page, but it would be nice if you can tell them thank you for sponsoring at Royalsgirl Mommy of 4.
  • Items are for US and/or Canada only unless you contact the sponsor and they are willing to ship to you,  please note you may be responsible for the shipping!

Giveaway will close 48 hours after I reach 500 fans!!
Thanks and have fun!!!
$15 iTunes gift card from me!
Must be a fan of my page : )
Enter here:

Kool Kidz Frosty Bear Hot/Cold Therapy for kids. This is reusable. It's the brown color. Free shipping anywhere

2 free custom hair bows free shipping to US and Canada!

3 winners will each win 2 bottles!

$5.00 Gift certificate
Must use within 30 days of giveaway end date! Not to be combined with any other offer. Shipping fees not included. Paypal account required. 

Set of two orange flower clippies on lined alligator clips
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30% off of your order
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1 of the Plug-In warmers in the photo, and one bar of wax, a $25 value. The winner may choose which Plug-in (one out of the 3 pictured) and the shipping is FREE in the US. :) 

BowBiz Dog Bows 4 adorable plaid bow scrunchies in assorted colors. Value $11. Great for little girls too! free shipping to the US & Canada

One cute daisy headband similar to the ones in the picture, members need to request me and I'll include shipping as well!
Thanks for entering : )
I will add more on here as I get new sponsors, I will post on facebook when
I update the prizes Good Luck!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Time is flying by! Day 14

Well I have again not posted for a few days : (  My mom had surgery a few weeks ago she unfortunately tripped over the dog leash and broke her hip : ((  So because of no available OR time she sat for almost a week before her surgery so instead of a quick fix they had to do a full hip replacement : (  I really love living in Canada and I can't really complain about our health care as we are pretty lucky to have health care!!  But geez the cutbacks hurt!  So recovery is hard especially when we (her kids) all live far away. My one sister has been awesome she left her whole family behind to stay with my my dad while my mom was in the hospital and after my mom came home.  She was there for over 3 weeks straight!!! So on the weekend she got to go home and my other sister stayed with them on the weekend, and I went Sunday and came home today!  It is so hard to help with 4 kids lol     I would definitely be there more but its near impossible with 2 still in school : (  So my hubby had a few days off and my sister lives close and she took my 2 year old and I went up with the baby : )

So got a little off track, not much!!  I did do lots of work while there, cooking cleaning etc and I am exhausted but was totally worth it.  My parents have been there for all of us since we were born we owe this to them.  And to be honest I enjoyed it : )  Now I am glad to be home with my family, and even only after 5 days I give tons of credit to my sister for her 3 plus weeks : )  She is awesome!

So now Home Sweet Home : )  Time to work my butt off only a few more weeks, need to get this weight
off!!! LOL

Goodnight : )

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 8 and going strong : )

I have been trying my hardest to get on here everyday, but once again its been a few days : )  Yesterday we had a horrible storm hit us, took our power out for over 12 hours.  Which was really weird as up the street had power and around us as well!  It all started after I dropped my daughter off to Girl Guides,  I went to put in gas and it started raining!!! I tried to hold of until it slowed down silly silly me!!! It only got worse lol  By the time I pumped my gas it was extremely windy pouring and HAIL!!  I got soaking wet and beat up by the huge hail!
I even tried opening my back seat door to use as a shield.....haha that did NOT help and I probably have dents in my car lol.  After leaving the gas station there was branches debris and trees down all over the place,  and when I got home I seen my pool and I was like oh no its done like dinner lol  They were just setting it up and putting the blocks under the poles before the storm hit!  They were almost done and ready to add water and they ran for cover.  So lets just say the two hours of hard work in the hot sun down the drain : (
As of today its up they have fixed it taken the branches out now to add some water!

So day 8 I am proud to say I have lost 7.....yes 7lbs so far and I couldn't be happier!!!  I am so glad I took this challenge on!  At the end of this I have the opportunity to win some cloth diapers and of course be a few pounds lighter!  So for now I need to go to bed and dream off all those beautiful diapers I plan on winning and the new bathing suit I am going to buy : )

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day What? Ummm I think 5 lol

Well it sure has not been easy!   I am trying very hard as well lol
So my daughter makes peanut butter and banana on toast....yum......and I did it I said no thanks honey : )
I am planning on starting my walking routine tomorrow!  As long as it is not as hot as it was today....sheesh!!! It was in the 80's and very humid.  I love summer really I do but why is it in the winter we complain why can't it be summer?  Then summer comes and were like does it really have to be this hot?? LOL I am sure I am not the only one that has done this.....every single year LOL.

So now I have a thing about cloth diapering and the summer!  The minky diaper my little one had on today seems as if shes really hot in it?  I'm trying to figure out what is the best solution for using cloth diapers but her not sweating like crazy in them!  Maybe change the inserts?  I am so new to cloth diapering and this is my first summer doing it.  I just do not want my 3 month old over heating from them : (  Then I move on to my older daughter who will be two in July, potty training over the summer should be fun, though she likes to sit on the potty she finds it necessary to walk away and do her business on the floor? LOL So I think I am in for a LONG summer with two babies : )

If anyone has any suggestions : ) Don't hesitate to message me : ))

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 2 Get your sparkle back!

Well it is still relatively easy, but then again its still a new change!  Today was a good day (no cheating I swear lol)  You know the general rule when dieting that you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday?  Well I think that's going to be hard not to do!!  

So for lunch I made myself a nice salad with chicken, and some veggies : )
I Really love Catalina dressing (fat free that is)

Then a nice snack (minus the whip cream :((  but was still yummy!)  Next time I will add some yogurt!

Now that I hope to have a good start on the healthy eating part now I just have to work on the exercise part so wish me luck lol  Think tonight when I get the kids to bed I will get hubby to play some Wii sports with me : )  The kids rarely play it anymore... BUT if I decide to play they want to join then they basically take over lol
So for now wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes tomorrow : ))

Hmm Long time? : ))

Well I know it has been a while, but with four kids and being new to blogging I don't always remember : (
So whats been going on?  Well I have had a fussy baby the past few weeks I am still not sure what is going on maybe Colic?  Some days shes great and some days she is just plain cranky!  Hopefully things turn around for the better soon, seriously lacking sleep LOL

On another note!!  I signed up for The Sparkle Mama's Get Your Sparkle Back Weight Loss Challenge for the month of June!  Maybe take a look and if your interested why not sign up!! Its a great opportunity to lose weight and win some Fluff!!  And everyone loves fluff right? All you have to do to enter is order or send The sparkle Mama any one size cloth diaper and its like a pool!  (and there was some great dipes last month)  Whoever loses the highest % of there body wait will win and there is 3 winners (1st 2nd and 3rd)  And don`t worry your weight and name will not be posted for everyone to see : )  everyone entered is assigned a number!

I was interested in this last month but I just missed it, and their has been many success stories from last months challenge,  so why not give it a try?  I am hoping that everyday I can at least commit 10 minutes to update on my blog of my  Get your sparkle back weight loss challenge : )  Today was day 1 and it was easy!!!  I imagine it will get harder though lol

Hope to have convinced a few others to join in this challenge, you know you wanna win some Fluff!!!