Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 8 and going strong : )

I have been trying my hardest to get on here everyday, but once again its been a few days : )  Yesterday we had a horrible storm hit us, took our power out for over 12 hours.  Which was really weird as up the street had power and around us as well!  It all started after I dropped my daughter off to Girl Guides,  I went to put in gas and it started raining!!! I tried to hold of until it slowed down silly silly me!!! It only got worse lol  By the time I pumped my gas it was extremely windy pouring and HAIL!!  I got soaking wet and beat up by the huge hail!
I even tried opening my back seat door to use as a shield.....haha that did NOT help and I probably have dents in my car lol.  After leaving the gas station there was branches debris and trees down all over the place,  and when I got home I seen my pool and I was like oh no its done like dinner lol  They were just setting it up and putting the blocks under the poles before the storm hit!  They were almost done and ready to add water and they ran for cover.  So lets just say the two hours of hard work in the hot sun down the drain : (
As of today its up they have fixed it taken the branches out now to add some water!

So day 8 I am proud to say I have lost 7.....yes 7lbs so far and I couldn't be happier!!!  I am so glad I took this challenge on!  At the end of this I have the opportunity to win some cloth diapers and of course be a few pounds lighter!  So for now I need to go to bed and dream off all those beautiful diapers I plan on winning and the new bathing suit I am going to buy : )

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